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2018 highlights

2018 was a big one for me; namely, I wrote and photographed a book, finally graduated college, and moved back to Portland. But, I also became an aunt (twice within one year!), revived an herb garden and hosted herbal medicine workshops, worked as a research fellow for a plant field guide, and went on some incredible trips including Utah, The Olympic National Park, Baja California Sur Mexico, sailing on a 120 year old schooner in the San Juan Islands, and two different lookout towers in the Pacific Northwest. I shot the album cover for my friends' band, Lorain, played around with fashion photography for Whimsy Wandering boutique, collaborated on dancing/movement images with my muse, Sarah Brahim, and spent time with some lovely folks while photographing their wedding day, family time, newborn love, and giddy engagements (check out my Best of Weddings post). 2018 was go go go and stay up until 2 am on my computer most nights. I ate more frozen food than I'd like to admit and for the first time ever, may have taken more photos on my phone than my camera since I couldn't keep up with the memory card backlog! Perhaps it was this busyness and living in the wet, grey city of Olympia that compelled me to seek out color, plants, and warm light like a desperate romantic. In 2019, I'm looking forward to having more free time for personal creative projects and upping my Stocksy game. 2019, for me, is about creating for the sake of nourishment, wildness, play -- distancing myself from the idea of intended audience or stylistic perfection. Who wants to get weird with me?

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