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The Evergreen Herbal:

A Resource Guide for Budding Herbalists

Collaboratively written by herbalism-focused students at The Evergreen State College and richly photographed by the editor, Tari Gunstone. The Evergreen Herbal is an ideal companion for navigating your plant-filled path of learning. Meet 25 safe and easy to use herbs, 10 of which can be foraged in your own neighborhood or local forests of the Pacific Northwest. Anyone wishing to utilize plants for their well-being will find foundational knowledge on gardening and harvesting herbs, wild plant foraging throughout the seasons, and making homemade tea blends, tinctures, salves, and other herbal medicines. Interviews with three community herbalists who got their start as Evergreen students, herbal recipes, and a thoroughly compiled resource appendices will help readers build their own medicine cabinet while learning more about herbalism studies and careers. Ideal for any reader new to the herbal world of knowledge.


"This book offers glimpses into how plants make room for who we are and where we are as we learn." - Marja Eloheimo, Ph.D., Ethnobotany Professor, The Evergreen State College

"This imaginative and beautiful book provides a useful tool to become more skilled at self-care. It is also an inspiring invitation to become part of the community-based herbal medicine movement." - Frederica Bowcutt, Ph.D., Botany Professor, The Evergreen State College

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