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Best of 2018 Weddings

What a year of beautiful weddings, true to the spirit of my clients. They got married on beaches, underneath a makeshift Stargate altar, in forests and gardens, and their very own backyards. The brides wore baby blue wellies, platform lace up boots, gothic cherub-adorned headbands, 5 pounds of dentalium necklaces and other tribal regalia, and on one occasion, mock orange flowers I picked from my yard tucked into her braids. Guests dined on baskets of steamed seafood, philly cheese steaks from a food truck, and wood-fired pizza. They danced their asses off, went bowling, and even paddled to the ceremony in a canoe! As always, I cried too much, but kept my cool enough to capture these memories.

Thank you to all the sweet humans I worked with this year, your love in inspiring!

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