I'm a native Portlander - a rare unicorn indeed - but really, I feel at home wherever there is an abundance of plants. In fact, I'm back in school studying botany because I love plants and getting my hands dirty just enough to do homework on the subject!


Humans are gems, too. I will gladly climb up a mountain to photograph your wedding day or

shake it out on the dance floor with you, because what's better than documenting adventurous  love and hanging out at parties for a living? I feel lucky to be doing this work that is characterized by so much joy and abundance.


I believe the camera is a compelling tool for connection and storytelling. My intention is that my photographs capture something whole in this fragmented world, and when needed, build awareness and advocacy for their subject matter.


My curiosity drives me more than anything.

What about you?

Polaroid by my pal and kickass photographer, Kim Smith


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